Anycast DNS overview.

Competing online is such a challenge! To generate traffic and to offer a cool experience for users are tasks without end. So we are permanently looking for solutions, innovative technology to enhance our website. While doing this, maybe you have bumped into Anycast DNS. If you haven’t, check this out!

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What is rDNS?

The rDNS stands for Reverse Domain Name System. If you are familiar with the DNS, you know that the most common case is a forward DNS lookup. A typical request is when a specific domain name is written, and the DNS must find the corresponding IP address. 

The rDNS is exactly the opposite operation. What is requested is the corresponding domain of a specific IP address.

Reverse DNS Service – Everything you should know!

This operation is also known as reverse DNS resolution or reverse DNS lookup (rDNS) in computer networks. Frequently, rDNS is considered a premium feature or service supplied by paid managed DNS plans. 

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Benefits of cloud-based load balancing

Load balancing is very important for your business to run smoothly, manage high traffic amounts, prevent possible attacks, and more. Efficient solutions to manage this aspect of the business are worthy of trying. Do you know what Cloud-based load balancing is and the benefits it can provide?

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DNS migration explained

Your business is growing. Some time ago, you started using a free DNS provider, or you got an economic DNS plan that helped your domain resolution. Everything is going well, and now you need even more DNS resources, but what can you do? You can do a DNS migration to another DNS provider with better service, advanced features, and additional protection.

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What is A record in DNS?

A record explained. 

The A record is a DNS resource record. Its main task is to link the domain name to an IP address (IPv4). So, whenever you want to visit a particular website, your browser will need exactly the A record. That way, it will know where the website is hosted, and it will be able to access it.

A record vs AAAA record

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What does Managed DNS mean?

Managed DNS is beneficial for everyone who wants to improve the user experience. Let’s explain a little bit more about it and what does it mean.

Managed DNS explained

Managed DNS is a service delivered from a DNS provider. It has established a system of name servers that you can benefit from. You can host your DNS records and improve your website or the availability and performance of an application.

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What is DNS used for?

What does DNS mean?

DNS is the short acronym for Domain Name System. It is an organized namespace that works upon a decentralized model. It helps with navigating queries and finding the host they are seeking for. It has to provide the answer (like A record, AAAA record) and also to be performed quickly. The Domain Name System appears to replace the HOSTS.txt file that held all hostnames. It was just not efficient enough. For its speed and scalability, the DNS is superior.

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