Anycast DNS overview.

Competing online is such a challenge! To generate traffic and to offer a cool experience for users are tasks without end. So we are permanently looking for solutions, innovative technology to enhance our website. While doing this, maybe you have bumped into Anycast DNS. If you haven’t, check this out!

What is Anycast DNS?

Anycast DNS is a traffic routing mechanism for fast delivering content from websites, using individual IP addresses on multiple nameservers. In other words, a single IP address but used by all the nameservers included on your DNS network.

The objective of Anycast DNS is to have nameservers in different spots worldwide in order to be the closest possible to users. This is very important for Anycast DNS clients because the closest they can have a server to their target users, the fastest their requests can be responded to. Based on the location where the user requested the site, the closest available server will answer. Thus, the latency reduces to the minimum. The users can enjoy your site without waiting long.

Besides, in a dark scenario, if the closest server is attacked or it’s down due to maintenance, another server, the next closest, will answer. 

Anycast DNS handles requests through the shortest route to be answered. As a result, the domain’s resolution time gets really accelerated. 

More benefits of using Anycast DNS.

It’s easy to configure. You have to set up one IP address. After that, you just need to share it with all the servers in the network.

A great solution for international businesses. Such applications, services, or websites have a bigger challenge to guarantee great performance and fast DNS resolution in every location in the world where they have a presence. That’s possible with Anycast DNS! 

Scalability based on your growing needs. This depends on the type of service, DNS provider, and plan you get, but usually, you can add or remove Anycast DNS servers based on your traffic and performance demands. Cloud-based DNS vendors make this possibility easy and flexible in exchange for a subscription fee.

Load-balancing. Anycast DNS is a great mechanism for load balancing. Having a network that includes multiple servers, the traffic can be distributed among them not to suffer stress at a single point. Spikes can also be managed successfully. 

Stronger security. DoS and DDoS attacks are ranked at the top of the scary threats networks and websites can suffer. Technology to prevent and defend against them is complex and expensive.

Those attacks can use different techniques, but a common factor is they use large amounts of traffic as a weapon to overwhelm victims. Since Anycast DNS can be used for load-balancing, suspicious traffic can be distributed on the network, not to be a problem. Your defenses will be strengthen using this efficient mechanism. To protect your website totally matters!

Redundancy for your website. Attacks, failures, and different situations can shut down a server. But having a robust network of well-distributed servers, chances for all to be down at the same time are far less. This is good news because you can rely on having constant up-time, and the benefit will be reflected directly in your profits.

Agile answer to DNS requests. As we explained before, it doesn’t matter the place where requests are sent from. They will be answered through the shortest and fastest route. 

Latency reduction. No more angry users due to a long time it takes to load and access your site.


Anycast DNS is totally worth giving it a try! One mechanism with multiple benefits for enhancing your website’s performance.