January 2022

What is the purpose of the MX record?

What is it?

Mail exchange record, or also called just MX record, is a DNS resource record. The Domain Name System (DNS) applies it to point accurately to the proper name of the incoming email server where emails have to be sent. DNS records are the essential part of providing instructions for various DNS processes. In this case, the MX record is giving the instruction that a particular server has to receive the emails sent to a defined domain.

How to create a DNS MX record?

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What is Dynamic DNS and how does it function?

Dynamic DNS – What does it mean? 

Dynamic DNS, also commonly called DDNS, is a method that automatically updates the IP address of a particular host. As a result, all of your customers have the ability to connect with your website, even if the IP address changes. 

Dynamic DNS is actually a very easy-to-use service, and it lets you connect with all of your hosted services in cases when the ISP changes your IP address (IPv4 address or IPv6 address). Let’s say, for illustration, that you hold a database server, web hosting server, mail server, or even if you transform your home network for your CCTV cameras, then DDNS is going to be very helpful.

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