DDoS attack

Why should you implement DNS Monitoring?

Have you ever heard about DNS Monitoring? If not, no worries, you are in the right place. This article will explore its primary purpose, why it is so important, and where you can find it. So, let’s start this adventure. 

DNS Monitoring: Definition

DNS Monitoring is an essential component of your network monitoring solution. Its goal is to ensure that visitors have a secure and reliable connection to the website or service they are accessing.

DNS Monitoring is hugely beneficial for quickly identifying problems, detecting potential security breaches, and avoiding malicious assaults. It entails checking DNS records regularly for any unexpected changes or localizing DNS outages. If an issue with a detrimental impact on your website or service is discovered, it may be remedied promptly.

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DDoS attack – What is it and how to protect yourself?

DDoS attack is one of the most dangerous cyber threats businesses must be aware of. 

The Internet is not a safe ground to play on anymore. As you know, owning an online business, whatever the size, or just by checking your e-mails as a regular user, you can fall into painful traps created by web criminals. Cybercrime and its variety of threats have grown a lot, and unfortunately, everything points that they won’t stop. 

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